Blades Play Up and Play Hard

Blades Fight Hard Against Cat’s C/D Team
By L. Hayes

Sometimes when you’re playing a team that’s just faster
The final score looks like your players were plastered.
While they whiz about, taking shots as they please
You chase behind, mad, like a pissed swarm of bees

They scored twice in the first, and the same in the second
Could it get any worse? Martini dreams beckoned!
But the gin had to wait: for the whole second half
The Blades started shining like Edith Piaf

Like a Mafia accountant who skims off the top,
Sooner or later the bleeding must stop
While Alyssa and Sue kept them running like crazy,
Kelly set shots up like Martin Scorcese

The Cats found that Meredith, Nina and Tanya
Could shake ‘em and bake ‘em like uncooked lasagna
Together Laurie, Sarah and Hutch on
Offense cleaned the blots off our Blades escutcheon

Laura and Jackie cleared goons from the crease
With smarts and with sass (and of course elbow grease)
Sophie and Deb played like Lidstrom or Orr
They covered both ends, while still guarding the door

Steph played like an All Star, save after save
The net as off-limit as Genghis Khan’s grave
Their forwards thought rebounds would pay dividends
But Steph dove so fast she came up with the bends

Like Piaf, the end was not technically glorious,
We never scored, and the Cats were victorious
But no one shone as bright as our star in the net.
We regret nothing, and we’ll get them yet!

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About the Blades

The Brooklyn Blades Ice Hockey Club is a volunteer-run program that has been running community ice hockey programs in the NYC area since 1992.The Women’s program consists of a National D Level Travel Team. We play approximately 16 games against local women’s teams located in Long Island, Westchester County and northern New Jersey, with our home ice located at the Richard L. Korpi rink at the Bayonne High School, in Bayonne NJ.