Another Win Over Westchester!

Close Rematch Against Westchester
By S. Kung

It was a team effort. The team did a good job of tying up players and thwarting off centering passes. It was a very physical game. The ‘Cats were a centering, shooting kind o’ team last night.

Here are a few things I saw:

– The ‘Cats had a stacked bench. There was one player in particular – plain white jersey, tall, fast as heck and good stick handler – but the D shut her down for the most part! She had at least two breakaways on me but I shut her down (that felt really good)

– Karyn scored her 1st (and I’m sure there will be more) goal of the season (sorry but can’t tell you who assisted); she was fierce up the boards and in front of the net anytime she could get there

– Liz scored 2x – always strong to the net

– Nina had a scoring chance and seemed to be in the right spot where she could intercept a breakout pass in their zone

– Sue, Meredith, Sarah and Cassidy were great on D. And the brave gimp award goes to Cassidy, who got hit in the ankle by a slapshot, went down like a sack o’ potatoes but fought to get up and play the rest of the game. She never stopped skating though. Hoping she iced that afterwards. Sue almost had a breakaway late in the game up the middle – she got the puck at our blueline and smoothly skated up ice nicely stickhandling the puck through defenders. Meredith – cool as alswys, knowing where to put the puck after intercepting it. And Sarah, diving all over the place to stop breakaways, not allowing anyone to “touch my goalie”. She did get a well-timed penalty for hooking – that stopped a breakaway. Another play, she dived to a puck that was surely going to be on the stick of an attacker and smartly moved it along behind the net to avoid a delay of game penalty.

– Namiko never seemed to tire, fighting after every puck.

– Lisa the same – chasing pucks in the corner, behind the net (over the backboard – oops, wrong sport he he)

– Clare had a couple of breakaways and almost put the biscuit in

– Laura A roared up the left boards all night, making great passes to her wingmate and center

– Lora was great on offense and was in key spots to intercept passes in our zone and smoothly take the puck out of the zone a few times – and she was even jetlagged!

And big kudos to Meredith, for putting together great lines, coaching us (and anyone else on the bench who helped) and keeping us focused.

Game culminated with a penalty kill. The puck was at the boards behind me to my left. The ‘Cat sped down to get it, Cassidy trailing about 5 feet behind. The ‘Cat fell and so did Cassidy. Then a whistle. This was with less than 2 minutes to go. And with the ‘Cats pulling their goalie, it was a 6 on 4. It was a crazy sub-2 minutes – they did get one in with 16 seconds left but it seemed to be the sub-2 minutes. And the Blades held them!

Final score: Blades 3, Westchester 2!

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